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Public Performance Rights

If you are a proprietor of a business that provides music to the public, or if music is used in any entertainment that you provide, you require a Licence from COMPASS. Some examples of premises requiring Licences are discotheques, nightclubs, karaoke lounges, pubs, restaurants, hotels, clubs, cinemas, concert halls, factories, skating rinks, hairdressing salons, fitness centres, office buildings, general retail and shopping centres.

1) Annual Licence
This Licence is issued on a yearly basis to discotheques, karaoke lounges, restaurants, hotels, etc. A Licence granted by COMPASS is a contract that is renewable on a yearly basis. This allows the Licensee to use musical works under the COMPASS repertoire, including musical works from our affiliate Societies, pursuant to the terms of the Licence granted. In return, the Licensee agrees to pay an annual fee.

2) Permits
Permits are issued to organizers of ad-hoc events. Any event other than a dramatico-musical work, an oratorio or other choral work, or a ballet, would require a Permit from COMPASS if it involves the public performance of Copyright musical works. Examples of parties who require Permits are organizers of concerts, exhibitions, promotional events, dinner & dances, carnivals and fun fairs.

In instances where the entire performance of a dramatico-musical work, etc., is displayed by means of film or videotape, a Permit is also required.

Reproduction Rights

In addition to Licences and Permits, COMPASS also assists music users who need to seek clearance for reproduction of Copyright musical works. Examples of reproduction where clearance is required are:

1) Mechanical Rights: If you are making a record of a Copyright work on CD, tape or any other format, you need to obtain a Licence for Mechanical Rights.

2) Synchronization Rights: If you are making a soundtrack for a cinematographic film using a Copyright work, you need to obtain a Licence for Synchronization Rights.

3) Advertising Rights: If you are making a commercial jingle or an accompaniment to commercial advertising using a Copyright work, you need to obtain a Licence for Advertising Rights.

4) Print Rights: If you are reproducing a work in printed form, you need to obtain a Licence for Print Rights.

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